Sunday 5 October 2014

An article on the On Trial project was included in the 2009 book edited by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico - Design School Confidential: Extraordinary Class Projects From the International Design Schools, Colleges, and Institutes (Rockport Publishers)

Feedback from students helped develop the paper that was published -and thanks go to all students for their generous help with this.

Tuesday 10 April 2012

teamwork at AUCB 2012 BA(Hons) Graphic Design

2012 Arts University College at Bournemouth - great first year BA(Hons) Graphic Design students

Student comment

‘I found the mind set of thinking, formulating questions, listening, questioning, case-building all at the same time a delicate art that takes a great deal of concentration. Consequently it was a great intellectual exercise and draining in a satisfying way ’ Keir Cooper (2006), Level One student (Defence).

Role of staff and students

Within the practicum that is HE art, design and media the teacher can be identified as the coach (Schön,1987:37 and Dewey,1974 :364); where the relationship of staff and student is ‘reciprocal reflection-in-action’. Learners and their coaches fuse their experiences to advance learning that is active. Thus I aim to shed the cloak that identifies me as teacher in preference for my role as facilitator, coach and a partner in learning.

AUCB 2012 - students role play session

2012 Courtcase

This year's event saw students focusing upon the issue of copyright in contemporary graphic design. Students debated whether it is ever acceptable to 'quote' another's work in graphic design practice. The very laws of copyright were considered - and notions of plagiarism, parody and pastiche were played out in a lively arena. The students took to their roles with apparent intent to ensure the best event possible within an afternoon's session within their design studio environment.
The exquisite presentations by both the defence and prosecution were matched by dynamic judges who controlled their court with panache and professionalism.
Thanks go to all students accordingly for a significant debate and a good amount of fun.

On Trial logo designed by Jonathan Cleave

On Trial logo designed by Jonathan Cleave
After some considerable time in giving visual identity to On Trial project this bold design was created.


Brighton clock

Brighton clock